Obverse of 1795
Half Cent, NGC F Details

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May 9, 2010. - This site opens. This is a photo gallery of my U.S. half cent collection, along with a corresponding amusement: counterstamped half cents. I also have a page devoted to one of my favorite related mini-collections: 1857 large cents.


What is this site about? I've been enamored with U.S. half cents for a long time. I'm fascinated by them. Their mintages are absolutely miniscule, especially the latter dates (some as low as 35,000 pieces), yet their cost is quite reasonable.

When you add together that the mintages were so incredibly tiny, and they were last issued prior to the U.S. Civil War, during which large quantities of copper coins were melted down for the war efforts, it makes you wonder just how many can survive 150+ years later. This makes it all the more amazing that you can buy mint state pieces for well under $500.

I am in no way an expert on U.S. half cents; I just collect what I like. I'm not trying to collect all the various die states or varieties.

What can be found here? Several photo gallery pages, as well as links to half-cent and large-cent resources, and a link to my coin photography services.

Enjoy! -Dan

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