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My 1857 Large Cents

While I primarily collect half cents, I also have a soft spot for 1857 largce cents, the last date in the series, and one of the smallest mintages of the entire series.

Last updated on May 7, 2014.

1857 Small Date. PCGS MS64 BN CAC Approved . Mintage: 333,456. A gorgeous example with lots of color. The colorful striations through the center of the reverse are the result of die degradation.

1857 Large Date. NGC MS63 BN. A beautiful example with more residual red than the vast majority of 63BNs you see.

1857 Large Date. NGC MS63 BN. Some planchet flaws but lovely character.

1857 Large Date. PCGS MS62 BN CAC Approved .

1857 Large Date. PCGS XF45. Most likely an old cleaning at some point, but it gives the coin somewhat of a "circ cam" appearance, which I like.

1857 Large Date. ANACS AU50 Details, Improperly cleaned. Yeah, it's a cleaned coin, but I just love the glossy blue/black appearance of the coin.

1857 Large Date. Raw (VF).

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