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My Half Cent Collection

I'm slowly but surely working on a date set of U.S. half cents. I'm not really interested in varieties or die states, just a humdrum boring date set. ;)

Last updated on February 12, 2018.

1794. ANACS F Details Net G6. Mintage: 81,600. Quite corroded, most likely a dug coin. Will suffice temporarily until I find a nicer example.

1795 Lettered Edge with Pole. NCS F Details - Corrosion. Mintage: 139,690. I absolutely LOVE this coin! These are the nicest "corroded" surfaces I've ever seen; contrast them with the corroded coin above. Lovely dark color with blue overtones. I also think the coin is closer to a VF than F. Look at the full rims on both sides; based on other certifies examples, full rims usually only appear on VF or better coins. Interesting obverse die break running from the head to the "T" in LIBERTY.

1803. PCGS Genuine. Mintage: 92,000. Code 95 for "Scratch / Rim Dent", presumably for the obverse scratches above the word "LIBERTY". Nice VF details otherwise.

1804 Spiked Chin. PCGS AU53. Mintage: 1,055,312. A lovely coin, but not without issues; this coin was the subject of a protracted argument with PCGS re: their buyback guarantee. The coin was originally in an AU55 holder. I sent it in for a downgrade review due to the scratches on Liberty's face. It is my opinion that the coin should be in a Genuine holder. PCGS disagreed, stating that the scratches were not acceptable for an AU55 but ok for an AU53 (HUH?). Their buyback offer for the coin was ludicrously low (PCGS does NOT use their own price guide when making good on their guarantee; they offer below Greysheet wholesale prices), so I accepted the alternative, which was downgrading the coin from AU55 to AU53 and a small check. PCGS's inconsistency and hypocrisy is pitiful.

The above diatribe aside, I do actually like the coin otherwise. Very smooth and glossy surfaces, with the reverse actually having full MS60 detail.

1806 Small 6 Stemless. NCS XF Details. Mintage: 356,000. Improperly cleaned at an earlier point in time.

1807. PCGS VF35. Mintage: 476,000.

1826. PCGS VF35. Mintage: 234,000. A deep dark chocolate brown. Picture below is lightened to show detail.

1828. PCGS MS63 BN. Mintage: 606,000.

1832. PCGS MS62 BN. Mintage: 51,000.

1833. PCGS MS64 BN CAC Approved . Mintage: 103,000.

1835. PCGS MS64 RB CAC Approved . Mintage: 398,000.

1849. NGC MS63 BN CAC Approved . Mintage: 39,864.

1850. PCGS AU55. Mintage: 39,812.

1850. NGC MS62 BN CAC Approved. Mintage: 39,812.

1851. NGC MS63 RB CAC Approved . Mintage: 147,672.

1853. PCGS MS63 BN. Mintage: 129,694.

1854. NGC MS65 BN. Mintage: 55,358.

1855. NGC MS62 BN. Mintage: 56,500.

1856. NGC MS65 BN CAC Approved . Mintage: 40,430.

1857. PCGS MS64 RB . Mintage: 35,180.

1857. PCGS MS63 RB CAC Approved . Mintage: 35,180.

1857. NGC MS63 BN. Mintage: 35,180. Yeah, it's a duplicate, but I have a soft spot for 1857s.

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